Natural handmade cosmetics 

Every year, meadows within the territory of Anykščiai Regional Park are inundated with various colours of herbs. Aromas of tutsan, meadowseet, yarrow, sweetgrass – all linger in the air... Thouroughly and with gratitude to Nature, plants collected by hand are transformed into oily extracts which are used to manufacture unique, natural handmade cosmetics ODORATA.


Originating from Latin, ODORATA means the ODOROUS.


Odorous, mysterious, delicate, beautiful... That is how peculiar I feel when a live drop of oil moistens my skin. This is how peculiar I am made by different types of butters enriched by the miraculous powers of herbs that nourish my body... And the aromas of the subtle essential oils, having moved the depths of my soul, grant me the moments of Completeness.


Highest quality oils, natural fragrances, butters, bronze powder, tree sap and beeswax – all are free of any synthetics, colourants or artificial preservatives! Good-looking skin is like a reflection of a Soul. And a Soul always strives for genuineness...


ODORATA cosmetics are a means to assist us in enhancing our natural beauty as well as revealing our true nature.


Distinctness of ODORATA cosmetics:

  • fully handmade – from collecting herbs till labelling containers and packages the products are sold in;

  • products are enriched by oily extracts, all made by us from herbs and their roots found in Lithuanian meadows;

  • major attention is given to creating fragrances that make the products notably odorous through possession of 100 % essential oils;

  • cosmetics are manufactured from natural oils and butters with the use of water utterly excluded, which makes no need for preservatives and colourants to be added; * recipes used for manufacturing the cosmetics are unique and conspicuous by composition of luxurious ingredients whose number is abundant;

  • manufacturers advocate for sustainable consumption, therefore all of the recipes are designed to suit the needs of all family members;

  • cosmetics are sold in unique purple glass containers produced under the authority of Miron in Switzerland. These glass containers ensure the best protection for the valuable products to be stored in so that their composition remains unchanged for as long as possible.

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